About our Aircraft Spraypainting Service

Aircraft Repaint

Your aircraft is more than an invaluable tool that flies you from destination to destination. Your aircraft also provides an opportunity to showcase your unique identity to the world. View the exterior of your aircraft as a blank canvas. With BC Air's paint team we can turn it into a unique masterpiece.

Aircraft Repainted

Perfection and Attention to detail is the cornerstone of our paint facility. From complete stripping and thorough preparation of the aircraft skin, employing a conscientious approach to stenciling, to decaling and coating that minimises the long-term effects of wind erosion. The process results in a beautiful and long-lasting finish.

The process begins with a thorough aircraft inspection and assessment. Our unique preparation and painting application process ensures the highest quality of workmanship, by using only approved aerospace coatings and systems, while complying to all the requirements and specifications set in place by OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) ensuring a smooth, sleek and high quality finish that will last for years and many flight hours.

BC Air continuously invests in next generation painting technologies and other cutting edge tools to provide superb craftsmanship. Whatever you desire the look of your aircraft to reflect - be it traditional or modern, BC Air will exceed all your expectations.


    • Interior Coating Applications
    • Exterior Coating Applications
    • Galley Repair
    • Galley Refurbishment
    • Radome Repair
    • Radome Moisture Testing
    • Tail-Cone Repair
    • Engine cowl and cover repairs
    • Aircraft Interior Trimmings
    • Recovering of all cockpit Seating
    • Recovering of cabin seating
    • Aircraft Decal Production
    • Aircraft Decal Installation
    • Replacement of aircraft carpets
    • Light Aircraft Spraypainting
    • Commercial Aircraft Painting